Thinking Religion

A podcast (theoretically) about religion, life, experience, and adjacent topics

Welcome Back

Thinking Religion has been a podcast for almost a decade. Thomas and I were having weekly conversations about our seminary work, life, tech, and theology... so we decided to start recording those and make an intentional podcast. Putting together a podcast in 2008 was a much different experience than it is in 2018, and life happened to get in the way of our recording schedule resulting in sporadic episodes those first few years. Around 2014 and 2015, we decided to "take it seriously" and started holding each other accountable for a more regular recording schedule. The result is the first batch of 146 episodes of the show. While Thomas has had to move on from the show, what we were experimenting with and creating over the last ten years is a space for people to talk about sex, politics, and religion in an open and inviting space. I hope to keep honoring that as we move ahead with this next iteration of Thinking Religion.

New Format

Episodes will be broken into three ~15 minute segments:

Scripture Verse: I'll pick a verse, read it, and then the guest host will walk through their interpretation or interpolation of the passage.

Interpretation Question: This can be something based on that scripture verse or a topic that I know the guest is passionate about in relation to discerning their own faith walk or academic journey etc.

What are you reading?: Just what it says... reading isn't limited to books, of course.

We'll try to keep all of that to 45 minutes, but no promises.

Here's to the future!